Our Story

Created by Brad & Nadine, DOLCE ITALIANA is a lifestyle brand born out of passion for Italian style and folklore. The pandemic inspired us to revisit our career choices and we resolved to work with our artisan friends in Italy to share our love of Italian design with the world.

We're passionate about everything Italia. The majesty of Rome. The beautiful, sandy beaches of Puglia and Sardinia. The mouth-watering pasta and arancine of Sicily, the scenic curves of the Amalfi Coast, the azure blue waters of Favignana...

Style, in Italy, is part of life. Like oxygen. And gelato.

Elegance and beauty is everywhere. Italian style oozes with passion, playfulness, and zest for life. Commonplace items are sprinkled with a liberal lashing of Italian pizzazz. It’s inspiring. Awakening. Invigorating. It puts air in your lungs, a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Together with our wonderful artisans who hand-paint every design with love, DOLCE ITALIANA introduce that uniquely Italian flair to the lifestyle accessories in your everyday world so that you can feel like you're in Italy. Always!

Life's short. Have fun. Live colorfully. Laugh lots. Be grateful. Hug your loved ones.

Fashion comes and goes. Italian style is forever.
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