We cover all shipping costs, so you enjoy FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on everything in the DOLCE ITALIANA online boutique.

To ensure fast shipping to customers around the globe, we have fulfillment facilities in five locations; 





Italy (serving Europe)

Most DOLCE ITALIANA items are fulfilled by the facility closest to you. The only exceptions are the Drinks Coasters and Cushion/Pillow Covers - both of which ship from the UK.

Your package will be delivered by the local postal service in your country.

Customs/Import Information

If you live in the EU or one of the countries listed above, then import charges will not apply, as your package will ship from within your own country.

If you live in a country not listed above, then import charges may be incurred when the package enters your country/trading bloc. These charges are the responsibility of the customer, so please be aware of possible import costs in your locality.

Approximate number of business/working days from order placement until delivery (often quicker, sometimes slower)

Australia – 4-6 working days

Canada - 11 working days (ships from USA, therefore may incur import charges)

Europe - 8 working days 

UK –  3-5 working days

USA –   5-7 working days

Rest of World  - 10-15 working days