Ultimate Phone Protection. Italian-style

Arancio Piana phone case held by Italian model

At DOLCE ITALIANA, we believe that amazing design should be integral to even your most practical possessions.

Your phone is an extension of your self; a part of your look, an element of who you are. You like to dress well, so why not clothe your phone beautifully too?

Featuring hand-painted artisanal designs, the Phone Protection.  Italian-style collection gives your phone the ultimate protection while adding a dash of la dolce vita to your outfits.

Transform your phone into a fashion accessory.

Look good. Feel amazing. Your friends might be a little envious, and thats ok!

Prefer your case without the DOLCE ITALIANA logo? Simply write ‘NO LOGO’ in the ‘ADD NOTES HERE’ field on the checkout page.

Carry a piece of Italy. Always!