There's more than one way to use a wristlet clutch

There’s always a time and place for your roomy shoulder bag, but when you’re packing light, a sweet, sleek wristlet clutch is a great alternative. Just need your keys, card, phone and lip gloss? Pop them in, slip it on your wrist, and go. 

So it’s the perfect bag for a night out. You probably already knew that. But have you thought of all the other times a wristlet clutch can make your day easier or your outfit better? We’ve got a few suggestions you can keep in mind - happy handbag hunting!

  • Organiser. Use your wristlet as a portable pouch for all your essentials. It makes swapping bags easy, and you’ll never worry about realising you left something in the side pocket of your work tote…
  • Accessorise. A vibrant clutch adds colour, quirk, and character to a muted, simple outfit - it’s a great way to give your look personality without making the overall effect too loud.
  • Gift it - Who wouldn’t be happy to get a gorgeous clutch for a present?! Make sure you show them this article as well - they’ll enjoy all these ideas for using their wristlet, too!

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