All orders on the DOLCE ITALIANA online boutique include FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Free Shipping uses the most economical shipping method available, which normally involves the delivery being made by the local postal service in the country of delivery.

We work with the best manufacturers to bring you the highest quality available so our hand-painted designs look as perfect as possible on the products you use every day.

We fulfill orders from a variety of locations including the EU, UK and US.

Each item in our online boutique contains “Important Information” at the top of the description, which tells you where the item is produced and shipped from and how long it takes. This is important because customs charges may be applicable when you import something into your country or trading bloc.

If you are in the USA or Australia, this is unlikely to affect you because both countries have a high “deminimis value threshold” (around $800) and any purchase below this value does not attract charges.

If you are in the EU, and you purchase and import a product that is made in the UK or somewhere else that is outside of the EU, then customs charges may be levied by your local authorities. As the purchaser and importer, these customs charges and taxes are your responsibility.  

*** Shipping status as at April 2021 ***

🇪🇺🇬🇧 Europe/UK: Orders shipping as normal. 

🌏 Rest of World:  Orders shipping as normal however there are significantly fewer flights in and out of Europe at present, which means that shipping is more complicated. We are still able to ship at no cost to you. Please bear in mind that there may be Customs clearance delays due to worldwide shipping backlogs but you will receive your gorgeous new luxury Italian designed goodies. We promise!

The timelines below are approximate and vary from country to country. In many cases your package will arrive sooner than the estimate below, but we’d rather under promise and over deliver. The delivery services in some countries are quite slow.

Order processing, production and delivery timescales

Luxury Phone Case Collection

Dispatched the same, or the next business day

Approximate delivery time from date of dispatch:


6 Business days

Rest of World

11 Business days


HOME Collection

Manufactured and printed individually for each order. Items dispatched within 10 business days, normally quicker.

Approximate delivery time from date of dispatch:


6 Business days

Rest of World

9 Business days