Pre-order Program

At Dolce Italiana, we are so excited about putting luxury Italian hand painted artworks into your beautiful hands. To celebrate our upcoming launch, we've opened our pre-order program early. 

With strictly limited production numbers for each design, pre-order is the safest way to ensure you get your hands on the Dolce Italiana luxury phone case of your dreams, as soon as possible. 

How does the pre-order program work? 

Its virtually the same as any other purchase. Find the phone case(s) you want in our online boutique, choose your phone model and hit the "PRE-ORDER NOW" button to add the item to you cart and then checkout as normal.

When will my order ship? 

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible. We are "officially" saying November 2020, but the reality is that we are working super hard to ship in October. 

Is there anything I can do to speed up the production process and delivery timescale? 

Yes! Our production schedules are influenced by the quantity and speed at which our pre-orders for each design are received. The more people that order a particular design, the quicker we can put that design into production. If you want to help speed things along, please share our website with your friends and family, spread the Dolce Italiana word on Facebook and Instagram.

What if I change my mind? 

You will receive a full refund. You can change your mind and cancel your pre-order at any time. You also have 30 days after you have received your order to return it.  

      Approximate number of business/working days from order placement until delivery

Origin Country

(ships from)

GFP item Australia Europe UK USA Rest of World
Phone Case EU or UK   35* 8 7 10 14
Clutch Bag EU/UK/US/AUS ✔️ 8 3 5 10
Airpod Case EU/UK/US/AUS ✔️ 3 8 3 5 10
Apple Watch Strap EU/UK/US/AUS ✔️ 3 8 3 5 10
Cardholder EU/UK/US/AUS ✔️ 3 8 3 5 10
Phone Folio Wallet Case EU/UK/US/AUS ✔️ 3 8 3 5 10
Fashion T-Shirt EU   35* 12 12 12 15
Accessory Pouch  US   20* 15 15 7 15
Cushion/Pillow Cover UK   20 12 11 18 20
Drinks Coaster UK   17 9 8 15 17
Picnic Blanket UK   20 12 11 18 20