Testa Di Moro - a Sicilian folklore staple

Testa Di Moro - a Sicilian folklore staple

The Testa Di Moro (Moorish Head) is one of the most beautiful and also fascinating artisanal pieces in Sicilian folklore. Teste Di Moro hail from the story many decades ago, of a young Sicilian girl who fell in love with a visiting Moor from northern Africa. They fell in love, enjoyed a short lived affair but the joy was cut short when he told her that he would need to soon return to his family and his country. A force to be reckoned with, the young Sicilian waited until her lover was asleep and cut off his head! She kept it as a vase for her balcony and used it to grow herbs and flower. Soon the neighbours began to wonder what the secret to her flourishing garden was. She shared her gruesome secret and it became a trend.

Soon, the balconies of Palermo were awash with colourful ceramic odes to the tradition she’d begun. Colourful crowns, depictions of luscious fruits and vegetables and faces of various genders and ages adorn these gorgeous, shapely ceramics. They can be seen and found all over Sicily today, sitting on balconies, hanging on walls, depicted in artworks, and available for locals and tourists to purchase and enjoy.  

The ultimate destination for a spot of Testa Di Moro shopping is Caltagirone; the reknowned ceramics Mecca in south Eastern Sicily. Caltagirone is easily accessible; less than an hour’s drive from well serviced airport in Catania, and can easily be incorporated into even a short 4 day Sicilian itinerary.

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