Fruit & Vegetables – Italian Artistic Inspiration

In Italy, cuisine goes hand in hand with la dolce vita. Food is life and anyone familiar with Italian and in particular Sicilian art, will be familiar with the prominent role played by fruit and vegetables whose glorious aesthetically pleasing countenances have been turned into mouth-watering fashion and art. One only need to look so far as Sicily’s most famous fashion export – Dolce & Gabbana – to see the edible influences.

Capri’s famous lemons have become synonymous with the region and also its art. The iconic walls and tables of Taormina’s ‘Bam Bar’ are full decked out in citrus-y goodness, echoing the delicious granita and brioche enjoyed by their patrons.


Palermo’s famous street markets - Ballaro,  Mercato di Capo & Vucciria – each present their own unique feast of photographic and artistic possibility. Don’t expect the perfectly formed genetically engineered peppers found in your local supermarket, but instead expect your wares to be organically grown and wildly non-uniform in their shapes and sizes.



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