Adhesive MagSafe Ring

All DOLCE phone cases are MagSafe compatible - your MagSafe-equipped iPhone will be able to charge wirelessly through the case. 

They are not MagSafe equipped. No circular magnet is built in, however a FREE adhesive white MagSafe ring is included with every phone case to ensure a super strong magetic grip with all your favourite MagSafe accessories; pop sockets, car dashboard mounts etc.

Use of this ring is optional.

Installation instructions: 

1. Clean phone case with a wet cloth to remove any dust

2. Dry with paper or cloth

3. Use a measuring tape or ruler to help position the circular ring in the center of the phone case, equi-distant from the top/bottom and left/right edges. 

4. Remove adhesive backing tape and press the ring into position. Hold with pressure for 10 seconds to ensure a strong adhesive bond. 

5. Optionally, add the small vertical 'tail' magnet which helps to align the case on some MagSafe accessories.