iPhone Case - Maiolica Blu - Ceramic White Background Edition

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Featuring beautiful, hand-painted designs by our artisan in Rome, our luxury phone cases are alive with classical Italian imagery. Stylish, colourful and oh-so-gorgeous. Treat yourself.

Our classic Maiolica Blu design is inspired by the classic Maiolica tiles of the Amalfi Coast.

  • Made of super tough thermoplastic urethane
  • Slimline, light-weight, anti-scratch, with raised bezels to protect your screen and camera lenses.
  • Functional design leaves all phone ports and buttons accessible.
  • Easy to clean with antibacterial wipes or gel.

Important information about this item

This item is available for immediate shipping and will be dispatched the same or next business day.

Please CHECK and DOUBLE-CHECK to ensure you order the correct case for your phone model. Many iPhones come in multiple variants (for example, the iPhone 11 comes in 3 different size variants). Also please note that iPhone ‘Pro’ is different to iPhone ‘Pro Max’. To avoid the frustration of receiving a case that does not fit your phone, PLEASE take a minute to ensure you order the correct case for your iPhone model. You can confirm your iPhone's model by navigating to Settings > General > About, and then viewing the "Model Name"

Customer Reviews

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Ima Shakeri

perfect design and best Quality

Nancy Shyloski
Lovely case

My purchase was for a gift and worth the wait.
It’s lovely.

Ein italienischer Traum🍋

Dank meiner neuen Hülle von Dolce Italiana bekomme ich sogar in der Großstadt Berlin ein bisschen was von den Italian Vibes ab! Ich liebe meine neue Hülle und sie passt einfach perfekt zu meinem Style. Eine so liebevolle Verpackung habe ich auch lange nicht erhalten - als ich dann die Hülle sah und mein Handy damit verpackte war mir klar: Diese wird mich lange begleiten 😊